5G Cell Phones May be the Problem

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Is cell phones with the 5 G technology possibly causing cancer? We all carry cell phones on our persons, but how is it affecting our bodies? Cell phones emit harmful radiation to the body. From Blue tooth to I-phones to Android phones, they all carry a powerful frequency that’s picked up by cell phone towers. Every phone has the potential to be harmful.

As of late, the 5 g cell phone companies ran into a huge problem with the FAA and claims the power of the 5 g interferes with the plane’s ability to land. The cell phone companies and the Federal Aviation Administration, were in talks to decide how the 5 G wireless technology would be used at airports.

The power of the 5 G’s impact on airplanes is tremendous. Imagine the effects on the body and how people will be affected. Radiation can cause cancer, and 5 G towers may be a real problem in the future. Many Americans may use their 5 G cell phone as a plus rather than a hindrance. Without the thought of how it is impacting their physical health.

  • Cell Phones to Be “Possibly Carcinogenic,” Experts Say

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