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College Tuition Is Free In New York

College Tuition is on its way to being free in New York City. Under the plan — which New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proposed in January — the state will supplement aid for in-state residents whose families earn $125,000 … Continue reading

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Does Motivational Speaking Really Work

Motivational speaking ? Is it good or bad ? Many people have turned to motivational speaking as a way to get going in life and in business. Does motivational speaking really help you progress ? There so many gurus in … Continue reading

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Two Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working

Your business may not be getting the results it needs with its marketing, based off two reasons credibility and qualified leads. Marketing is the elephant in the room for new startups, or entrepreneurs that leads to business failure. Many entrepreneurs, … Continue reading

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The Migos on Ellen and They Go Crazy

Migos performed on the Ellen show on February 21 and the audience went crazy. Many of the younger crowd seem to go completely crazy when the Migos came out and performed. Ellen showed the band a lot of love and … Continue reading

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Is Entrepreneurship only for White People

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the term entrepreneur ? What is the first thing you think of when you see these pictures below ? After looking at this pictures what is the first thing … Continue reading

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