Chinese Business Woman has not had a Day off in 27 years

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Dong Mingzhu, 61, is China’s most successful businesswoman as the leader of the $22 billion (£17.8 billion) air-conditioning giant Gree. Its been reported that Dong Mingzhu has not taken one day of paid sick leave in 27- year tenure at the company. Forbes China reported its annual list 100 Top Businesswomen.

As a Chinese business woman, Mingzhu started out as a sales at Gree when the company sales were a little over 10 million and quickly rose up the ranks as a fiercely hard worker. 26 years, and Gree is the largest air-conditioning manufacturer in the world, and stock prices have grown by $2,300 %. Her employees label her a fierce competitor who will eat you up and spit you out with not apologies.


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