Do You Need 2 Chains To Be Hot

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I know many of you are looking at this post and thinking I’m making a reference to the rappers 2 chains. I am not referring to the rapper, but what I am referring to is the need for a rapper to think he is not cool if he doesn’t have the right jewelry on.  Many of today’s younger MC‘s can’t rap, but

seem to want to flash all there lil trinkets as a way of saying “I got some street cred.” I think more MC’s should concentrate on there skills versus how many chains they got or cars they own. Jewelry don’t make the man but lyrics and skills does.

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Lil Flip’s Advice To Rappers Getting Robbed For Their Chains

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Gucci Mane , Waka Flocka Flame & Oj Da Juiceman Showing Off Their Jewelry + Gucci Mane Photo Shoot

Gucci Mane , Waka Flocka Flame & Oj Da Juiceman Showing Off Their Jewelry + Gucci Mane Photo Shoot

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Lil Flip – Jewelry Collection

1 milli. In Jewelry

King Of Diamonds: Baby Showing Off New Jewelry! + Says Hes Putting 4 More Stars On His Head

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