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Is Facial Recognition A Problem

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Can facial recognition be a biased problem when identifying people ? Many African

Americans can not be actually identified with facial technology. In the magazine Fast Company, it stated,  Researchers at Georgetown Law School’s Center of Privacy and Technology dropped their sprawling report, “The Perpetual Line-Up”—that many of us realized just how biased and far-reaching the implementation of the technology is.

Facial recognition has been around for years, but it is showing up more and more in today’s technological society. And out of the millions of photos of many law abiding citizens, who never had any real problems with the law enforcement,they have found that this technology has a hard time recognizing African Americans and women. The technology does not test for biases. Human Rights and Civil Rights investigations have been launched into the problem dealing with facial recognition.

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Fast Company  article ” Facial Recognition Technology Can be So Biased 



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