Why Most Models Don’t Make It

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The modeling game is a tough industry to win in. When you base all your success on how

English: Melbourne School of Fashion entrance

English: Melbourne School of Fashion entrance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

you look you got a tough pair of shoes to fill. Models from all walks of life are trying to be the next big thing, hoping to get endorsement deals, clothing deals, and many other deals that bring in fame and fortune.

Most models don’t have any business sense. Yet, they get caught up in the glitz and glamour of modeling, without being caught in the glitz and glamour of running a business. Models today really need to learn how to handle their careers as a business or a company. Modeling is a business and if most models don’t have a clear understanding that their looks alone won’t cut checks they won’t be around long. Most models won’t be able to have a long lasting career without some form of business sense, they will just be another name in the stars.

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