Nick Cannon Succumbs To The Pressure Of The Elite

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In this podcast, we discussed Nick Cannon Cannon’s class with Rabbi Cooper. Nick Cannon brought on Mr. Cooper to atone for his actions of anti-semitic remarks. They discussed the mistakes of Nick Cannon’s comments, The Minister, and other issues that Nick Cannon may have brought on himself and their culture, as a result of his anti cultural remarks.

Cool Water takes a deep dive into Nick Cannon’s ass kissing, and his need to please the other culture for his action. We discuss the African Culture and why no matter how much ass Nick Cannon kisses, he will never reach a place of respect from their culture. We also take a look at other celebrities and how this is nothing new in the discipline that is inflicted on people who say something anti-semitic.

The world of entertainment business and politics are ran by the other culture. Nick Cannon is just experiencing the black lash that so many have before him.

Listen to “Nick Cannon Succumbs to The Pressure Of The Elite” on Spreaker.




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