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Powernomics In The African American Community

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Powernomics is the national plan for Black America. Many have come to give a national plan to Black Americans, but few have moved the

A parade float from the 1911 Golden Potlatch i...

A parade float from the 1911 Golden Potlatch in Seattle, Washington, using the term “Afro-Americans”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

crowd like Dr. Claude Anderson. His book Powernomics has given Black America a national blueprint to gain economic power in the black community. Dr. Anderson has made a major dent in how we view economics, and what we should do to gain economic power.

Dr. Anderson  provides a clear and concise blueprint for the African American community to be able to establish themselves on a national stage economically.




Water Land Fisheries

Breakfast Club Interview 

Kanye West Urges Biden and Trump To Talk To Dr. Anderson 

PowerNomics by Dr. Claude Anderson | Black Urban Media

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