R kelly and The Backlash of Dealing wit The Illuminati

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R kelly has turned himself into the local authorities on 10 counts of sexual misconduct charges with a minor. In the world of entertainment, what’s on the surfaces is not always what it seems. R Kelly has been alleged to be having sex with minors, holding women hostage, and being physically abusive in relationships. Is R kelly guilty or not guilt? The facts will come out in his trail! But, the real question is, what is the reasoning for guys like R kelly, Bill Cosby, Prince, and Michael jackson’s legacy being tarnished.  

R Kelly is in a world of trouble. He couldn’t even make bail as of the lastest news report. The Illuminati and the black gate keepers will make sure R Kelly never sees the light of day. R Kelly is playing in a game he can’t come back from, and as a result he could end spending seventy years in prison.

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