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College Tuition Is Free In New York

College Tuition is on its way to being free in New York City. Under the plan — which New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proposed in January — the state will supplement aid for in-state residents whose families earn $125,000 … Continue reading

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Did Eric Garner Die from Racism or A Lack of Common Sense

Eric Garner was a young black male, who was recently killed by a New York Police officer in broad day light. Eric Garner’s story is like so many African Americans who some how were killed or harassed by the NYPD … Continue reading

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Is Synthetic Weed Killing Youngsters

The microwave society seems to be taking its toll on the youth. The youngsters seem to have found a new toy to play with and that thing is Synthetic Weed. Synthetic Weed is like cloning a cow its not quite … Continue reading

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