US Post Office Is In Debt

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The United States Post Office is in debt and has been looking to bounce back from a one

United States Postal Service

United States Postal Service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

billion dollar deficit. I am sure you have noticed that the Post office’s customer service has not been that great. You have to wait in long lines, and have few clerks waiting on you than in past years.

U.S. Postal System Loses $1.9 Billion, a Lesson for Government – 24

Source: courtesy of USPSThe U.S. Postal System lost $1.9 billion in the second quarter of its fiscal year, which ended on March 31. There is little worth comparing between the Post Office’s desperation and the U.S. budget

Publish Date: 05/13/2013 6:46


Postal loss may lead to ‘extreme action,’ U.S. postmaster says

The U.S. Postal Service added to its losses in the second quarter and is closer to needing “extreme action” to keep it afloat, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said Friday. losses will necessitate heeding the postal board’s call to ask labor unions to reopen contracts and to consider raising postal rates. “At some point our financial liabilities become so large that they cannot be fixed without taking extreme action,” Donahoe said at a board meeting in Washington.

Publish Date: 05/10/2013 12:11


A special Centre Focus report on the 2012 United States Postal Service Financial Crisis. Reporter Danielle Van Gheem takes a closer look.

How Should U.S. Postal Service’s Financial Problems Be Fixed – Obama Plan Brings Business

How Should U.S. Postal Service’s Financial Problems Be Fixed – Obama Plan Brings Business.

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