Who Is CNN’s Michele Thornton?

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Michele Thornton is working on behalf of the African American community perspective in advertising. She is the head of the multi-cultural sales division at CNN. She works with advertisers on how they speak to communities of color when advertising products and services. She showed CNN how to monetize content for people of color. CNN came right on board with Michele’s game plan.

Michele has managed more than a billion dollars in revenue for some of the world’s largest media companies including CNN, A&E, The History Channel, The Weather Channel, and BET Networks/BET Her, Michele Thornton Ghee is a strategic force inside and outside the bounds of Corporate America.

Michele Thornton was awarded the Adcolor Awards for her achievement in the area of sales at CNN. She is proving that people of color can be appropriately represented in the sales and advertising department. She is definitely a superior women in the world of advertising.

Michele is inspiring women of color with her books, speeches, and fireside chats. She is someone to follow in 2020.

The 5th Estate: CNN: The News in Color

This past week, I talked to Michele Thornton, CNN’s Director of Multi-Cultural Sales, at a CNN industry immersion in New York City. She stated that 40 percent of CNN’s viewers were minorities. As America’s population becomes


ADCOLOR AWARDS ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT : Michele Thornton – 2009 Honoree

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