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9 to 5 Is for the Weak


This is a great T-Shirt for those looking to make a powerful statement in business and entreprenuership.

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99 Problems But A Boss Aint One


This stylish and comfortable T-Shirt speaks to the entrepreneur within. If you are striving to build your own legacy, and be your own boss, then this shirt is for you, with a variety of colors you can choose the one that fits your style.


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A How to Guide to Banking Black Small size

A How To Guide To Banking Black


This book goes into detail about why China’s the new global superpower, Martin Luther King’s belief on black economics, and how the power of bouncing your dollars can save the community, and so much more. Many people have spoken about how black owned banks could save the race, but none have really given a simplistic, and realistic view on how to solve the problem of Banking Black in America.

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Blame It On The Weed


The cannabis industry is growing and so are the people who use it. This fashionable yet stylish T-Shirts speaks volumes about those who like to enjoy smoking in their recreational time. Order Yours Today!

Sale! marketing success


Original price was: $1,000.00.Current price is: $500.00.

Our coaching services are designed for the serious small business owners, entrepreneur, or 9 to 5’er who wants that one on one feel.

We focus on helping you learn how to build and run an internet business.




Sale! consulting


Original price was: $300.00.Current price is: $150.00.

Our consulting services revolve around one basic fundamental principal, how can we help you grow your business. Growing a successful business is challenging.  Whether it’s online or offline, you need the right information for success. Having the right information is the key to your success, along with having the right plan to execute.

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E-Book Bundle Pack

Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $15.00.

The e-book bundle pack is here! Get all five digital e-books for a limited time. This bundle package includes books from vending, banking. urban fiction, to the music business.

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Is Hop Hop Dead T-Shirts


Is Hip Hop Dead?

This is a question that has been lingering among the hiphop community for decades. This stylish t-shirt leaves an open ended question to an ongoing debate.

If you like controversial T-shirts then this shirt is for you.

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Love Bites T-Shirt


This shirt is good for anyone who has been in love and got bit in the process. Love hurts at times but its all worth it.

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