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LA Reid Joe Budden Are Not the Best of Friends

News has spread that LA Reid was fired from his position at Epic Records. The many allegations of sexual harassment is what lead to the executive being fired from his post with the Epic Records. As the news spread, a … Continue reading

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Is Rap Music A Black Mans Hustle and A White Mans Paradise

Rap Music is the new american meal ticket. Every since the emerging of rap music in the  70’s, with the Sugar Hill Gang, rap music has been a staple in the black communities quest for fame and fortune.  But, the … Continue reading

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Teacher At Chinese University forced Students to Slap Each Other

Teacher at a Chinese University made students slap each other for being late. Students were forced to slap each other by the teacher for being late. After the video aired the teacher was fired.

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Atlanta Police Officer Indicted for Shooting of Cain Rogers

Officer James Burns was indicted on felony murder and aggravated assault charges, 11Alive reported. James Burns has always claims his innocence, but on Wenensday a grand jury indicted Burns for the fatal shooting of Cain Rogers. James Burns lied to … Continue reading

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Chance The Rapper Honors Mohammad Ali

Chance The Rapper honored MuhammadAli at the 2016 ESPY Awards last night. Chance has a new song that pays tribute to the late great boxer. Chance sung a very cool ballad that showed the champion Muhammad Ali in a very … Continue reading

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