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R Kelly The Death of A Black Rock Star

R Kelly has been found guilty. Many speculations arose from the trial like is he really guilty or not. R Kelly’s whole music career has been destroyed. Why, why is he really in prison? The entertainment industry needed him when he was hot, but now, he’s been thrown away like trash. R Kelly’s life is […]

Boosie Badazz :The Death of The Alpha Male

Boosie Badazz visited the Breakfast Club. He spoke candidly about his statements about the LGBTQ community and why he speaks the way he does. As the interview progressed, Boosie stood on his square, and told the Breakfast club community his thoughts on many topics which shocked the Club. Boosie, along with the Dababy and Dave […]

You Gotta F@%K Up Before You Come Up


This podcast talks about how you have to fail in order to see success. Many people look at failure as a bad thing. But, many of your most successful people failed a thousand times before they saw huge success. The blessing is in you falling flat on your face, which allows you to evaluate yourself […]