Boosie Badazz :The Death of The Alpha Male

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Boosie Badazz visited the Breakfast Club. He spoke candidly about his statements about the LGBTQ community and why he speaks the way he does. As the interview progressed, Boosie stood on his square, and told the Breakfast club community his thoughts on many topics which shocked the Club. Boosie, along with the Dababy and Dave Chappelle,  spoke on some issues dealing with the rainbow gang. They didn’t mean any harm though. As a result, these three men have been catching hell.

In this podcast, we discuss The Death of the Alpha Male energy, and the men of old and how Boosie came from that ideology of strong men, and why strong men are being attacked in today’s society.

Listen to “Bosie Badazz :The Death of The Alpha Male” on Spreaker.

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