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Deion Sanders Colorado Buffaloes and The Illusion of Inclusion

College sports has been on fire since Deion Sanders took over as coach at Colorado University. The Colorado Buffaloes football team has garnered national attention since Deion Sanders became head coach. If you’ve forgotten how we got here, let’s go back in time. Deion, or Coach Prime as he’s called, became the head coach of […]

Air Jordans: The Genius of Strasser Moore and Vaccaro

What up! Hip-hop heads. We know that hip-hop has had a tremendous impact on the fashion industry, shaping trends and styles in clothing, accessories, and footwear. Air Jordans were no different, it was hip hop culture. From the early days of breakdancing and graffiti to the rise of rap music and streetwear culture, hip-hop has always […]

How Will AI Affect Hip Hop And The Entertainment Business?

Yo, what’s up, hip-hop heads! Are you ready to hear about the future of hip-hop? Well, buckle up since things are about to get futuristic! Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been making its way into various industries, and hip-hop is no exception. From computer-generated rappers to AI-generated music, the possibilities are endless. But how will […]

Deion Sanders The Butterfly Effect

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders has left the building. Coach Prime has taken his talents to Colorado University. He took a head coaching position at Colorado U. Colorado Buffaloes football has been all in the news since Deion announced he was the head coach. Jackson St. University’s illustrious program is no more, and the people of Jackson, Mississippi, […]