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Writers Set To Go On Strike In Hollywood

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What’s good, folks? Here we are again for the latest Hollywood celeb news. Hollywood is currently facing another writer’s strike. Why are they going on a strike? Looks like Hollywood writers are going to start picketing, which means they’re putting a stop to a bunch of movies and TV shows. Let’s reveal all the points one by one in detail.

Over 11,000 film and TV writers are currently on strike because they’re not getting paid enough for all the money their work brings in through streaming. However, this is the first time they’ve gone on strike since 2007-08, they did it for 100 days and caused some problems for TV series and movies in production.

Starting Tuesday afternoon, the Writers Guild of America will hit the picket lines and won’t be able to work on any TV or movie projects during the strike. Shows like “Saturday Night Live” might take a break this week due to the strike. It’s not sure how much the daytime talk shows will be affected since they mostly depend on conversations between hosts rather than scripted jokes.

On another note, scripted TV shows might have to end their seasons earlier or put off filming. And if the strike goes on until summer, the fall season for broadcast TV will also be pushed back because they usually start getting ready in the late spring and summer.

If the strike lasts a while, people watching from home or at the movies might not even realize it’s happening. Also, a lot of shows and movies have already finished filming and won’t be affected by the strike.

But if the strike goes on for a while, the production shutdowns will mess up the content release schedule, just like what happened during the pandemic. The movies probably won’t be affected until late 2023 or early 2024.

This is the first time things like this have happened since we started streaming. Streamers have more wiggle room than those big networks and theaters. They can just throw some old-school stuff on their sites. You can also get some foreign flicks to add to their collection just in case they run out of content.

So, there’s this strike going on – only the second one like it in almost 40 years. The last time it happened, it gave rise to a bunch of unscripted reality shows. Looks like this strike might last a while too. Before the deadline, both sides were pretty far apart in the negotiating process.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) wants to get paid more for their work, especially when their shows are being streamed. They also want studios to have a certain number of writers working on TV shows for a set amount of time. Oh, and they want to get paid for every step of the writing process because right now, they’re expected to work for free sometimes. 

The Contrasting Difference Between The 2007 Writers Strike And The Strike Now!

The world of Hollywood gossip news, movies, and TV shows has changed a lot since 2007, and the strike is mainly because of the new way of streaming things. So, with all these new streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, there are a ton of TV shows and movies to watch. But the writers who make them aren’t getting what they deserve.

Apparently, the studios and networks are changing things up and not paying the writers enough. So now, the writers want more money and some changes to how things are done. Like, the WGA says that writer-producer pay has gone down by 4% in the last ten years, but if you account for inflation, it’s dropped by 23%. Meanwhile, everyone’s super into streaming these days. According to a memo from the guild in March, companies have taken advantage of streaming to pay writers less and make their work separate from production, making things harder for writers of all levels.

TV writers in the WGA are pretty upset with how short streaming series are compared to traditional TV shows. It has made it hard for them to earn a steady paycheck.

Plus, streaming has pretty much eliminated the residual fees that writers used to get every time their show was broadcasted or syndicated. Unlike the strike in 2007, writers nowadays have social media on their side and are using platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to spread their message. 

How Does The Situation Get Worse For The Writers?

After months of talks, the writers and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television and Production (AMPTP) still had a lot of ground to cover. The Writers Guild of America, which is technically two unions, worked together during negotiations that often exceeded the deadline. However, this time they ended hours before the contract expired on Monday night.

The writers were ready to strike and had already started making signs for picket lines. The AMPTP claimed they had offered a good deal with increased compensation and better streaming residuals, but they couldn’t improve it further due to the many demands from the writers. 

What Will Be The Result Of The Writers Strike?

The writers’ strike is already buzzing around in the arena of the latest Hollywood celebrity news displaying that some TV shows, like Showtime’s Yellow Jackets, but the impact on scripted series may take longer to show. Movie releases could also be affected, but finished screenplays can still be produced without last-minute changes. Other Hollywood unions are not allowed to join the strike, but they support the Writers Guild of America.

Many productions finished before the deadline, and no TV dramas or sitcoms are being filmed this week. Viewers may not see the effects of the strike for a while, especially on streaming services. During the last strike, some shows shortened their seasons while reality TV grew in popularity. The Apprentice even had a celebrity version created to fill the gap. 

What Studio Offers To Our Writers?

Lately, Hollywood celeb news reports are saying that media companies have been dealing with a tough economic situation. Streaming services like Netflix are feeling the heat to make some cash, so they’ve been cutting down on spending for their shows and movies. Plus, regular TV channels are losing ad money because everyone’s watching streaming instead. Tough times all around!

Some producers are saying that the streaming game is still fresh, and companies aren’t sure what kind of profits they’ll see down the line. The group that speaks for TV and movie makers, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, said: “They gave writers a pretty good pay raise and made some improvements to streaming payments.”

So basically, the big issue in negotiations is that the unions want companies to have a certain number of writers staffed for a certain amount of time, even if they don’t really need them. The AMPTP is not too happy about it.

The producers were cool with offering more money and residuals, but they were worried about how big some of the other proposals from the WGA were.

One of the proposals was to regulate material made with AI or similar tech to prevent studios from cheating writers or paying them less. 

So, What’s Next For The Writers?

The current analysis of Hollywood celeb news speculates a downfall of quality content in the industry. If screenwriters stop working, it’ll result in huge economic losses, but many are willing to do it to combat the constant decrease in income. The guild’s strike guidelines prevent members from making new deals, pitches, or scripts, but they can still get paid for what they’ve already written.

The “movers” in the industry, such as showrunners who are head writer-producers, performer-writers, and versatile individuals like Quinta Brunson who do all of the above, can continue to do the non-writing aspects of their jobs according to union regulations, but this may not be a lot since they’re supporting their writing staff.

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