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Clothes on or Clothes Off When Selling

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Most companies seem to launch new products with a hot models half naked. Do companies sale more products more with their models clothes on or clothes off ? I have noticed that some people when they see a cute chick, or a hot dude wit skimpy clothing they pay more attention to the products being sold. A lot of companies use models in swim wear or bathing suites to grab your attention cause sex always sells.

Spotted! Backstage with naked model on Dolce&Gabbana underwear shoot

We do wonder what this little lady said when she eventually returned home after a busy day applying oil to bronzed stomachs and adjusting male model‘s packages. Swide gets to the bottom (!) of quite possibly the best job in the world… www.swide.com

WOW!!! Painted Nude Models with Bottles On Me

Bottles On Me! Download Niecey So Fresh On itunes TODAY!! itunes.apple.com


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