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Queens Ice Cube

Cocktails with The Queens Ice Cube and The Ignorance of Black America

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In this podcast, we will be discussing the ignorance of Black America and the Queens of Cocktails. The Queens of Cocktails is hosted by Vivica Fox, Claudia Jordan, Lisa Raye, and Syleena Johnson. They talked to Ice Cube about his Contract with Black America. Claudia Jordan was quoted on Roland Martin’s Daily Digital Show as saying I don’t think he is against black people.” When you hear statements like this you have to questioned the mindset of black folks in america.

The elections have exposed a lot of problems in the black community. Ice Cube is really making people show their true colors. And the Queens of Cocktails are no different, when it comes to the politics. Cube is trying to get black folk to come together and push for policy in washington.

Listen to “Ice Cube Cocktails with The Queens and The Ignorance of Black America” on Spreaker.

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