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New York Forcing Its Mandates On Teachers

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The fight for vaccine mandates have raged on in California and New York. New York is forcing its 175, 000 teacher staff to get their vaccine shot. Many inside the largest school district in america are protesting the mandates place on teachers. The newly appointed governor, Kathy Hochul, signed an executive order to force mandate on teachers and nurses.

Protesting has been going on

Nurses and Teachers have been protesting the executive order as of last week. California is another state has stepped up their mandates on teachers and students. California’s Gavin Newsom, mandated students and all teachers get vaccinated. Public and Private school students have to be fully vaccinated in order to attend school. Students in grades seven through twelve are now being required to be vaccinated in order to attend school. The school mandates are based on the FDA’s full approval of the vaccine for these grades.

California and New York leading the way

California and New York are two states leading the way to push forced vaccinations on its teachers and students. Forced  mandates are drawing mass controversy from people of all backgrounds.  Teachers and students who want to use the religious exemptions are being ignored. Teachers are having to make a life altering decision about putting something in their body that they don’t agree with.  Hence, the reason for large protest in New York city.

As of late, ninety three percent of the teaching staff in New York has been vaccinated. The deadline to get the jab or lose your job is fast approaching. Teachers scrambled to make a decision to comply with the states mandates in order to keep their jobs.

Educators who get vaccinated after Monday can return to school once they have received a first dose. Those who do not will be barred from entering schools and placed on unpaid leave, with health insurance, for a year. – New York Times 


1800 Shots Given in NYC Schools  

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