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Playboy Is a Hell of A Brand

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Playboy will never die! Since the death of Hugh Hefner many wonder how PlayBoy will thrive into the coming years. The PlayBoy Logo is among the world’s most recognized brands. Many folks know what the symbol means when they see that infamous Playboy bunny. The Playboy bunny is the most recognizable brand on the planet. Hugh

Hefner has to be one of the smartest men when he set out to brand and market his company. The Playboy Mansion, the magazine, the parties, and all the pretty girls have created a brand that is undeniable. What is it about the symbol of the bunny that goes hand and hand with pretty girls?

Crazy Marketing has made this brand one of the most recognizable brands in the world when it comes to sex and women. Hugh Hefner was able to take a crazy idea of modeling and sexy women and marry the two to create a multimillion-dollar empire.




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