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The Effect of Corporate Domination on Dapper Dan

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Dapper Dan is an urban legend in the fashion world of black fashion and hip hop culture. Dan grew to prominence in the and 80’s, when he started taking name brand fashion legos like Gucci and recreating his own designs. He would resale the mock up designs to the black community with the Gucci Logo on it. Many couldn’t afford the clothes that Gucci was selling so Dan was the alternative. Dan allowed black youth, celebrities, gangstas, dope dealers and hip hoppers to become part of the Gucci brand mockups. By Dan recreating his own style we now have what we know today as the Dapper Dan brand.

In this podcast, we discuss how Dan could have been a stand alone independent designer worth millions, sorta like a Master P of fashion, if he had the guys with the money supplying him with the necessary tools to get the product to the people. in this podcast we talk candidly about what really caused Dan to have to bow to corporate dominance.

Listen to “Dapper Dan and The Effect of Corporate Domination” on Spreaker.

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