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Wu-Tang Clan for The Children

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Wu Tang is one of the most iconic rap groups in the world. The iconic group just recently did a show for the anniversary of their debut album Enter The Wu tang (36 Chambers) that was released twenty five years ago. Wu Tang has managed to become an occult brand among hip hop heads across the world. The recent show proved that group members like Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Method Man, RZA, GZA, and Ghost Face Killa brought fame to the group by displaying there on individual style and technique in the rap game.

Wu Tang Will Release Short Film

Wu Tang Clan will release a short film entitled, For The Children 25 years Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers). The wait is finally over! Fans will be able to see the iconic group on the big screen. The filmed is directed by the groups pioneer RZA. RZA is one of the brain childs behind  the groups success.  Wu Tang’s is from the streets of Staten Island.  They managed to break the corporate standard, and create their own lane without the help of silly ass A&R’s.

The Concert Was A Success

Wu Tang Clan’s Short film will bring fans up close and personal with the debut album Enter the 36th Chambers. The concert was a big reflection for all the members of the group. Wu Tang members gave the fans a trip down memory lane with the classic song C.R.E.A.M (Cash Moves Every Thing Around Me). Method Man and Ole Dirty Bastard’s son dropped a hot one called Shame On A Nigga that had the crowd bumping. The concert was a success for the group.

The Wu Tang Clan is one of the most successful rap groups ever. The merchandise for the group always sells out due to  loyal fans. Wu Tang like other iconic groups like NWA, Public Enemy, Tribe Called Quest and others have put a stamp on the rap game that will always garner them as the forefathers of hip hop.

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