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Is Facebook and Shark Tank Bias about Black Women In Business

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Listen to “Are Facebook and Shark Tank Bias about Black Women In Business” on Spreaker.

This podcast talks about Shark Tank’s Kevin O’leary and Sheryl Sandberg’s  initiative to increase women in business. There were several business women invited to the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, California except black women.

In my opinion, this initiative showed, who Shark Tank and Facebook really supports to build new businesses and build relationships with. They had a full day of lectures and seminars that helped to improve their business. I didn’t see black women invited to the conference at the Facebook headquarters.

Why are we seeing less minorities in the room? Black women, latina women, and others seem to be misrepresented in the world of business. Is Shark Tank Bias? Is Facebook Bias? What does it take for minorities to get a seat at the table of these mega conventions? Black women in business is just as important as any other cultures business opportunities.

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