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Music Business Contracts the Ugly Side

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Music Business Contracts are the ugly side of the music business. Many of you by now have seen the movie Straight Outta

Compton I’m sure. In the movie, Ice Cube made several references to wanting to see his contract with Ruthless Records. Later after Cube Left, Dr. Dre started to asking about his contract dealings with Jerry Heller and Eazy E. Finally, at the end of the movie, Eazy E goes in on Jerry Heller about his contract and mismanaged funds with the company.

Music Business Contracts are what determines what you get paid. If you don’t pay attention to the money, you will get raped by the company you work for. Music Business Contracts are ugly, and have been ugly since the inception of the music business. Most African American artist in the music business are getting raped and don’t even know it. Many artist don’t get the proper amount of royalties for their songs and that money goes right back into the pockets of the companies owner or owners.

Lil Wayne and Baby have fallen out over a contract that lil Wayne was given as a young teenage boy. Many artist from American Idol, complained about what Simon Cowell gave them in their music business contract. If you are an artist, or business man of any kind, get you a good attorney, and watch out for the ugly side of Music Business contracts or any contract for that matter.



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