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The Travel Ban has Changed American Freedom

A Travel Ban, signed by Donald Trump, has changed America forever ! President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to stop some Muslim nations from entering the country. The American government believes we have to have strong borders. But, … Continue reading

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Obama Care is On Its Last Leg

Obama Care is in danger, and many Democrats, are sending a warning to Republicans that repealing Obama Care will result in major chaos. Sylvia Mathews Burwell is issuing a grave warning to Republicans: Repealing Obamacare will result in “chaos.” Burwell, President Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

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Does The klu Klux Klan Still Exist In the Police Force

Does the Klu Klux Klan still exist ? Black men women and children have been getting killed for no real reason at all by police officers. Police Officers of white European decent seem to be getting caught more, and more … Continue reading

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Trump Wants Extreme Vetting of Immigrants

Donald Trump announced his plan to do extreme vetting with immigrants coming into the country. Many new immigrants, with visas or folks becoming citizens of the United States, would go through Trumps extreme vetting process screening in order to be … Continue reading

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Is Kayne West Hip Hop

Is Kayne West hip hop ? Kayne West released his video Famous some weeks ago with all your favorite celebrities like Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Taylor Swift, George Bush, Ray J, and Kim Kardashian just to name a few. Has … Continue reading

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