The Travel Ban has Changed American Freedom

A Travel Ban, signed by Donald Trump, has changed America forever ! President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to stop some Muslim nations from entering the country. The American

Donald Trump Signs executive orders

government believes we have to have strong borders. But, a travel ban, in reality may be creating enemies that we don’t need. Protest erupted all over the country once Trump signed the executive order to ban Muslims from entering the country. A travel ban, has caused many families to be pulled off planes and held up at airports outside the US due to the executive order.


The Trump’s organization is standing behind the move by saying ” We must of forgot about 911″ or The Boston Bombing. ”┬áMany see this as a dictatorship type move, because he has only been in office for nine days. Trump has signed many executive orders reversing much of what Obama signed into office duri

ng his presidency. This ban on Muslims has only sparked outrage in the country and abroad.

Hopefully Trump reconsiders his decision …


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