LA Reid Joe Budden Are Not the Best of Friends

News has spread that LA Reid was fired from his position at Epic Records. The many allegations of sexual harassment is what lead to the executive being fired from his post with the Epic Records. As the news spread, a particular artist, by the name of Joe Budden, found a reason to speak out against LA Reid and his sexual misconduct. Joe Budden gave a detail explanation on why he felt LA Reid was bad for the music business. Joe Budden also said “he is not been a very good businessman, and has lost money over the years for many a record label.” Joe Budden thinks LA Reid’sexual misconduct is not to be taken lightly.

Take a moment and listen to the whole interview….




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Three Traits of Bosses You Want to Work for

Every good boss has three traits that will make most people want to work for them. Magnetic leaders have three traits that show there greatness, which makes any employee want to complete any and all tasked asked of them.

“We know that people don’t leave companies; they leave their bosses. If you want to attract talent that will stick around, then you’ll want to do whatever it takes to increase your magnetism,” says Roberta Chinsky Matuson, leadership consultant and author of The Magnetic Leader: How Irresistible Leaders Attract Employees, Customers, and Profits.

This is taken from the Article in Fast Company magazine April 27, 2017.

Many employees would like a manager with the magical three traits, but most wont get it. These three traits will give all employees and personnel a sense of security, an appreciation for the work they do for their company.

Here the three traits that makes for a great boss:

  1. Authenticity – Good leaders don’t try to become someone else they stay in their lane and be themselves. They are honest, true to themselves and diplomatic when dealing with others. Many people don’t see authentic people at the office so its important that you display this behavior at all times.

A 2017 trust Barometer survey found by the PR firm Edelman found that trust                     in CEOs in the U.S. has reach an all-time low.

Be willing to admit you don’t know everything. People need to know your human                   and you make mistakes as well. People willing to learn from your people along                       the way

2. Vision – Visionary leaders make you want to reach for the stars and dream big. A                   leader with great vision can sale himself or herself to you so you get on board                         with a project or task that needs to completed. You believe in the vision of your                     leader, because he/she has the right stuff, so  most employees are more prone not                 to ask the question Why ?  But, instead they ask Why not ?

3. Selflessness- Is the final of the three traits that make a great boss. Great leaders                  put the needs of his team before his own. Being selflessness is a mind shift which                  requires one to come out of their comfort zone and into the reality that serving                      other people is part of the job and the task at hand.

To find out if you are a selflessness person ask your self these three questions:

  1. Are people following me because of what I can do for them, or are they doing so because of what I can do to them?
  2. Do I take more than I give?
  3. What have I done today to put others before myself?


These three traits are what makes for a great boss, great company, and great people that work  their asses off and go the extra mile no matter the task.


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College Tuition Is Free In New York

College Tuition is on its way to being free in New York City. Under the plan — which New

English: Andrew Cuomo, 11th United States Secr...

English: Andrew Cuomo, States Secretary of Housing and Urban  Governor of New York, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proposed in January — the state will supplement aid for in-state residents whose families earn $125,000 or less, providing tuitionfree education at all state public two- and four-year colleges. College Tuition being free will allow for students who have the dream of going to college to finally be able to make the leap into a getting a college education.

Free College Tuition for residents in New York will make the city of New York a very competitive city. Governor Andrew Cuomo believes that getting a college degree, is like having a high school diploma some fifty years ago, you just can’t make it without one. The option to go to college should be there even if you don’t want to go. Students would be required to pay for room and board. In addition to that, they would have to  live and work in the city for the same number of years the scholarship was given.

Many other states have low College Tuition or some sort of program to help students get into college.


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Does Motivational Speaking Really Work

Motivational speaking ? Is it good or bad ? Many people have turned to motivational speaking as a way to get going in life and in

English: Motivational speaker Tony Robbins at ...

English: Motivational speaker Tony Robbins at a Twitter conference in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

business. Does motivational speaking really help you progress ? There so many gurus in this industry, that it often puzzles me, if the industry is just making a killing on preaching and selling products. Motivational Speaking is big business. People like Tony Robbins, Eric “The Hip Hop Preacher ” Thomas, Les Brown are the standard with new comers on the rise.

Does motivational speaking really help you win ? Or is it like church on a Sunday morning ? I have felt inspired myself by some of the top gurus, but I don’t think it has helped my professional life to a large degree but again that is me.

How has motivational speaking helped or hurt you ?


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Two Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working


Loyalitätskreislauf-klein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your business may not be getting the results it needs with its marketing, based off two reasons credibility and qualified leads. Marketing is the elephant in the room for new startups, or entrepreneurs that leads to business failure. Many entrepreneurs, and small business owners fail to build credibility, and generate qualified leads at the same time.

Credibility is the engine that drives the wheel in the marketing machine. Generating great leads comes as a result of having great credibility(street cred or corporate cred), or what ever word you wanna call it. A lot business owners don’t get the two mixed just right, its like a pot of hot gumbo.

In an article published by Fast Company , they stated “In fact, it’s easier than you might think–Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs conflate these two strategies, mistake one type of activity for another, or overdo it on one side of the divide and neglect the other.”

The article says building credibility is what you should put at the top of your two marketing strategies.

to continue reading the article click “The Real Reason Your Marketing Plan Isn’t Bringing In Business”


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