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Dr. Dre And Diddy Team Up For A Dream Studio Session

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Diddy, the 52-year-old music mogul posted on social media, that he was in the studio with Dre, sharing the news with his 18 million followers. Dr. Dre, 57, is seen coaching the “Gotta Move On” artist in one social media post that contained a carousel of images from the dope session. Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs aka Puffy, recorded his iconic studio night with Dr. Dre, considered the most significant producer in the Hip Hop industry. Diddy shared a photo the day after the session on Tuesday, August 30.  

Dr. Dre and Diddy Put The Past Behind Them

Moving on with this latest Hip hop news! Dr. Dre and Diddy had a bomb ass studio session. It looked like the duo had buried the hatchet from their 2014 beef. The two prolific hip-hop stars appeared in great spirits as they worked on some latest tracks together. Diddy had high praise for Dre as he spoke about their opportunity to work together as a career highlight. “Yesterday, one of my most valuable dreams finally came true, ” he wrote in his caption. “I remember the first time I heard Dr. Dre’s production. It gave me a clear insight on the level of Producer I wanted to be,” Diddy added.   

Exciting Insights On The Dream Studio Session   

The social media photos have revealed exciting insights into the Dream Studio Session. The images showed the two Hip Hop rapper-producers sitting at the mixing board, and they both glimpsed like they were preparing to produce a dope beat as Dre leaned over and showed Diddy some tricks of the trade.   

Diddy seemed extremely open to take a peep into Dre’s approach to recording. He couldn’t wait to see just what the producer is coming up with the latest track. “He reminds me of myself, but with a different style and way more focused. I gotta step my focus up!”. “But it was a remarkable experience, and I thank God for it. I hope one day you’ll have the same exciting experience with someone you always looked up to as a hero.” he wrote in a caption.   

One of their photographs from the studio session took their Hip Hop fan’s attention to the next level, where Diddy looks like a school kid in Dre’s studio. The two teamed up and got ready for the highly anticipated upcoming album in the studio. Diddy’s group told HipHopDx they did a new melody for Dre’s forthcoming album with Snoop Dogg. 

 Excited For The Upcoming Album?  

The buzz of Dre’s upcoming music album has taken the internet sensations over. And his fans are just waiting for the album to drop another badass track to their playlists. Stay updated with more sensational hip hop news by mobile or laptop, and always make sure to stay connected to Is Hip Hop Dead! 

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