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Can You keep Your Health Care Insurance After Losing Your Job?

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Can You keep your health care insurance after losing your job? In most case scenarios, you can’t keep your health

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insurance plans; when you lose your job. Now, most business owners will tell you, you will lose your health insurance when you leave your job. If you are an employee, then most of you, know that once you lose your job your health care insurance goes out the door. In 2008, Obama‘s health care plan forced people to have health insurance. But many people said, “how can you have health insurance if you can’t afford it?”

Health care insurance for most companies comes out of the employee’s paycheck. The average person would not be able to afford health care without the assistance of the company. A lot of people wouldn’t pay for individual health insurance; because the cost is just too high. Affordable health insurance is a problem for most citizens in America. Affordable health insurance, is not as common, as it once was anymore, when your whole paycheck is going to pay for the insurance.

Most companies usually offer a great benefits package. I remember working for FedEx; we had excellent health care insurance for a part-time job. We had Cobra health insurance, which offered great doctors and great benefits. When I left I was offered: Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care for the first year at $13.00 a month. After that first year, it ballooned to $300 a month for a single guy, with no kids.

Biden and Obama have pushed the Obama health care for some time. Bill Clinton tried to push for Universal Health Care but it failed in congress.  The bill would cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars. Today, in 2022 their still trying to push the Universal Health Care Agenda to the public. And the citizens are still fighting for affordable health care.

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