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50 Cent Irv Gotti Satan’s Little Minions

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In this podcast, we discuss 50 cent and satan’s little minion Irv Gotti. Irv Gotti was recently interviewed and asked what would he tell his younger self. And he hollers out “I would tell my younger self to let record labels sign 50 cent.”

Irv Gotti said, “he knew he was going to be a power player and told labels if you fool with him, I aint fooling with you.” So for years 50 struggled to make his name known in the music business, while labels dropped him on the spot. You never know who is working to stop your success. Eminem and Dr. Dre saved 50 cent from haters like this.

5o cent just proved that when God got something for you no one can be against. Satan’s little minions are always working to ensure your demise. People are not always in favor of your success. Irv Gotti made sure that he went out of his way to destroy his dreams. Satan’s little minions are always on their assignment.

Now that 50 is in a position of power, he is threatening to cancel Irv Gotti’s show on Starz. You see how it works now?

Listen to “50 cent Irv Gotti Satan’s Little Minions” on Spreaker.


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