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Black Celebrities and Their Children’s Alternative Lifestyle

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Listen to “Black Celebrities and Their Children’s Alternative Lifestyle” on Spreaker.


This podcast talks about Dewayne Wade’s son Zion’s decision to become Zaya a transgender male. And why many of our young black males are choosing an alternative lifestyle to become transgender males.

Celebrities like Snoop Dog, Magic Johnson, Will Smith and others are supporting their children’s choice to live a transgender lifestyle. Black Celebrities male children are turning to alternative lifestyle. What’s going on in society when we say its okay for young children to make decisions about being transgender?

Do these celebrities endorsing the alternative lifestyle have an impact on the larger body of society?

We talk about that and more ….

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  1. You are 100%right…Even cartoons have gay content like it’s appropriate. Just as the actions of Will Smith at the Oscar’s was condemned. He was simply being a protective husband. They want our men passive.