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Street Corner Marketing

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Have you ever been out driving around and seen someone on the street corner holding up a sign that reads Oil change for $19.95? Well, that’s what I call street corner marketing.  Marketing your brand or product on the corner of any street in America, is a quick way to gain some attention for your service or product.

Many companies are going this route, in order to gain the public’s attention due to a lack of sales in their business. It usually takes twenty nine times before you start to take notice of a product.

Every day we see subliminal messages come across the screen that drives us to purchase something.

Marketing is a funny animal and it has to be nurtured carefully. Street Corner marketing has taken over because you can find all major corporations like Taco Bell, Jiffy lube, and some other food chains using this tactic to get their sales up.

You may want to consider using Street Corner Marketing to get your brand noticed and increase your sales. Many businesses are using this tactic to grow their businesses.

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