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Black Panther and The Rise Of The Black Superhero

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The Black Superhero is on the rise in Hollywood. The movie Black Panther is slated to hit theaters on February 16, 2018. This movie is slated to be the biggest selling movie in Marvel Comic history. Black Superheroes like Black Panther, Black Lighting, Spawn, Blade, and Luke Cage has given the Black Superhero a whole new light in the American comic book saga. Black Panther is bringing a new kind of blackness to the screen with an all black cast. Tickets for the movie have already sold out. Black Panther will make Hollywood take a new look at black people as a whole with the rise of Black Superheroes. Streaming services like Netflix have proven that people want to see Black Superheroes on tv and the big screen.

Black Superheroes have always been around

Black Superheroes have always been around, but due to Hollywood’s racism, we haven’t seen them much. Hollywood’s racism is still prevalent. Many studios just want to cast black folks as pimps, drug dealers, hoes, and prostitutes. But, with a movie like this, it will rearrange the psyche of people all over the world to view black people differently. Black Panther will help raise the Black Superheros into mainstream status for good. This movie will be compatible to the Gangsta Rap era of the nineties, when you seen white kids with black rappers on their bedroom walls.

New Comic Book Artist Will Spawn

New comic book artist will start coming to light as a result of the new Black Panther movie. Artist like Chester Colston is leading the path with underground comics. Many black comics have been developing Black Superheroes characters for years. But, have gone unnoticed due to Hollywood’s mainstream movies and superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Wonder women. Comic Book Artist are hungry and ready to display their work, and just need an open door to make waves in the industry.

Hollywood Will Never Be the Same

Once this movie comes out Marvel and DC comics will never be able to go backwards. The movie Black Panther is history in the making for Black Superheroes. It is estimated that Black Panther will do a 150 million in its opening weekend.



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