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Are Blacks Missing Out On Ad Dollars

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Many people created millions of websites within the last year, and African Americans were not an exception to the rule. African Americans in the digital space are really losing out on big money. 

The truth is, many African Americans are not generating money on their websites. A lot of folks in the black community don’t understand how Google works, or how their advertising campaign works to create a profitable website.

Companies are paying hundreds of millions of dollars a year to get in front of a websites audience. Monetizing ones website is not as easy for some people, as it is for others, who are not internet savvy.

The black community is behind the eight ball again, when it comes to getting ahead of the curve in new industries that are being created and showing profitability. A lack of information, is usually the problem with the black community learning how to maximize on new opportunities. Ad dollars are being handed out to profitable websites daily, but we are usually one step behind in learning how to use digital marketing and Google to create profitable websites.

If I owned a dating site and you have a related niche blog or website, I might set up an advertising campaign with Google Adwords and bid five cents per click for a keyword like dating sites with the hope, I can also land my ad on your website. When my ad shows up on your site, and your visitors are compelled to click on it, then I get paid in the process of presenting my offer to the public. 

There are others out there that do very well with Adsense simply by matching their visitors with relevant ads that serve their visitors needs. Nothing black hat or unethical, just following Google’s own rules. 

Learn how to play the game in the digital space and win black folks! 




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  1. I like Google Adsense for news sites that publish daily and get LOTS AND LOTS of traffic. For simply blogs, it could take like two years to reach the $100 threshold required to get paid. I wish Google would lower the threshold. It’s unreasonable to me, especially since advertisers pay for the ads weekly and monthly.