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Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda and The Death of Black Culture

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Bobby Shmurda was released from prison after doing a six year bid. He pleaded guilty to one count of third-degree conspiracy and one count of weapons possession. Bobby went to prison in 2014 and was released just a few days ago. Upon his release, he was greeted by some of  the usual suspects like Quavo and Meek Mill.

Bobby is being filmed in an upcoming documentary by Karen Civil. She shows the Brooklyn native reuniting with Rowdy Rebel, his old friends and family. Karen also captures iconic moments of Bobby being picked up in a jet by Quavo. He has been locked up for the past seven years, but now he is ready to show us his grown man status.

Like most rappers, after his release, he eventually ended up at a party popping bottles with the likes of Fabulous and Funk Master Flex. They both spoke about how impactful he is to the city.

“Bobby being home is very impactful and he will bring a lot of energy back to the city.” – Fabulous

How Should We Process Rappers Getting Out of Prison

How should we process a rappers release from prison? Rappers get all the love upon their release, but what about the illogical gain or lost that went with it? Rappers have been going to prison for decades. Is this what life is all about? Is this good for our children? Seeing black men and women locked up is not okay. How should we look at Bobby’s coming home party? What is it about going to jail that is so sexy and attractive, that people will celebrate your coming out of ‘The System?’

As of late, rappers have been dying in the streets like slaughtered meat. One after the next, rappers are being shot down with no justice in site. This past year in 2020, rappers like Lexii Alijai, Pop Smoke, Mac P, Chynna, Fred The Godson, King Von, CEO Bazzal, Travy Savvage and many others were murdered.

In the 90’s Rappers were Dying Too

In the late 90’s, dead rappers death tolls were no different. Artist like Big L, Freaky Tah, Stretch, Fat Pat, Seagram, Scott La Rock, The Notorious Big, 2 Pac, and others were gunned down due to senseless murders. Most of these murders are still unsolved mysteries. Many rappers during the early nineties where being watch and followed by the FBI. As a result, the trend has continued with rappers being watched by law enforcement right up to 2021.

Now don’t get me wrong Bobby’s coming home from prison is a good thing. Black men being locked up isn’t where it’s at. The continued glorification of the sex, money, drugs, gun violence, and prison is sending a lot of young men and women to jail. Going to prison is big business for corporations who are heavily invested in that industry. Dead Rappers make millions for huge record labels like Sony, Universal, BMG, Columbia, EMI, Warner Brothers, Interscope and others.

The Death of Black Culture

Black culture is a dying breed. Hip hop use to glorify the essences of life. Now it glorifies the essences of death. Death in the music and death on the big screen, is killing us all. Bobby Shmurda’s release and glorification from prison sends a tired message to the black community, that being a criminal is okay. Year after year, the value of black life declines based on the perceived value of what black men and black women contribute to society, as a whole. At this moment, nothing is being produced on a massive scale from the black community. We own nor do we control any industries that increase the economic value of the black race.

So, when another dead rapper is found in the street, or gets locked up, their life value becomes zero. Major corporations from all sectors of businesses are controlled mostly by white america. You may find a few Asian owned industries in America, but not many. Black Culture’s economic value is zero. We are not praising the valedictorian who beat the odds of death and prison. Nor are we praising the black entrepreneur who spent 20 years struggling before his business took off.

We want to say congratulations on Bobby Shmurda’s release from prison. But we need to take a deeper look into the culture of black life, rappers, and the death that comes with it.

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