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Cardi B and The Gang Affiliation

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Cardi B was recently cited as saying “she hates wearing flue.” This is the same thing as saying she hates wearing blue. Many people have claim Cardi B may be a Blood. The LA Crips took offense to the statement on Twitter. Crips are saying even though she didn’t say she hates wearing blue. She used the word flue which is saying the same thing. It has not been determined if Cardi is a member of the bloods, but she has been spotted in red attire here and there.

Gang Affiliation and The Rap Nation

Many rappers over the years have claimed to be gang affiliated.  Rappers like Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Mack 10, Baby of Cash Money, and now Cardi B have also hollered out some sort gang affiliation in their records. Cardi B has not publicly said she was a blood or Crip, but certain signs have led people to believe she might be an honorary member. Gang Affiliation is big in LA. Many rappers for some reason have claimed one set or another. Chris  Brown has been said to run with the Pirus and pledging his allegiance to the gang. Does Gang Affiliation bring some sort of street cred for new and established artist? Or is it a means of security against the thugs inside the music business?

Cardi B like Rick Ross may fool around, and end up with having a no-fly zone placed on her in LA if she keeps this shit up. Cardi B is still very young and may not fully understand what she could be starting.

East Coast-West Coast Beef

Many people have forgotten about the East Coast-West Coast Beef which was not only about rap beefs but had some gang affiliation related to it as well. Cari B was a baby during the East Coast-West Coast Beef. Now 25 she wouldn’t even understand the magnitude of the rivalry that went on behind those altercations. Puffy and Suge 2pac and Biggie all having some sort of dispute about how they handled their private and public business. A lot of people were hurt behind playing tough. Folks died for repping one team or another. Cardi B could possibly incite a real problem for herself when she shows up to do a show in LA if she doesn’t watch her damn mouth. Cardi B better call Snoop on this one cause she will definitely need his help.


It only takes one time and she could be on the hit list and need twenty-four-hour security.

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  1. I’m not the person to ask about this… I can’t stand this silly ass woman. She’s an effing disgrace and I’m sick of the powers that be in music constantly shoving trashy ass people in our faces. Fck that dumb b.

  2. Our son is in the rap game, I just don’t think it takes all the bashing and making enemies to make a name. Do the art with some class and some REAL talent and game, uplifting others goes a long way