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Chicago City Schools Strike

Chicago City Schools

Schools all across America seems to be in peril, and Chicago City Schools are no different. Chicago city school teachers are striking to combat the ever increasing charter schools that may be putting teachers out of work very soon and in the near future. Twenty nine thousand teachers went on strike today, and left over […]

Atlanta Public Schools Reform Plan

atlanta public schools

The Atlanta Public School district has been working to reform some of its failing schools. Many of communities inside the city of Atlanta are not very happy about the proposed school closing that looms ahead for schools like Carver, Washington, some middle schools, and several elementary schools. Atlanta Public Schools superintendent Meria Joel CarStarPhen  was […]

Music Business Contracts the Ugly Side

nwa jerry hella

Music Business Contracts are the ugly side of the music business. Many of you by now have seen the movie Straight Outta Compton I’m sure. In the movie, Ice Cube made several references to wanting to see his contract with Ruthless Records. Later after Cube Left, Dr. Dre started to asking about his contract dealings […]