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Chicago City Schools

Chicago City Schools Strike

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Schools all across America seems to be in peril, and Chicago City Schools are no different. Chicago city school teachers are striking to combat the ever increasing charter schools that may be putting teachers out of work very soon and in the near future. Twenty nine thousand teachers went on strike today, and left over some three hundred and fifty thousand students without classes. Teachers are striking in Chicago city schools for better pay, contract renewals, and the much needed respect from the Ceo of Chicago city schools, along with Mayor  Rahm Emanuel. Many teachers see the crisis between charter schools and public schools as a huge problem.

As a public school teacher, you can be evaluated, and your contract not be renewed do to standardized test scores. Students performance is becoming the measuring stick on whether, or not teachers can continue to be employed by the Chicago City Schools. Charter schools are being declared as the new standard for students performance. Many Charter School teachers are not supported by a union, and if students perform well Teachers can earn up to an eight thousand dollar bonus. Charter Schools are creating a space for competition among teachers. There are some fifty two thousands students who are attending Charter Schools on the south side of Chicago. Many Chicago City public school teachers jobs can be based on a forty percent evaluation of standardized test scores.

Charter schools seem to be the wave of the future. I, having taught in a charter school, can’t say that I am in favor of the Charter School System. In my opinion, the only real blessing with a Charter School is teachers salaries are negotiated which allows for some teachers to get the money they actually deserve.  The education that students receive is a host in my opinion. Many of the children who came out of the charter school that I worked for are no better off then when they attended public schools.


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