The Dismantling of Black Colleges Across The Country

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Black Colleges all across the country has been undergoing a change a dismantling. What is the change, you ask? The  change is going from historically black to historically diversified. Students from other ethnicities are attending historically black colleges on full academic and athletic scholarships. I attended Alabama State University, some twenty four years ago, and decided to make a trip.

All Traces of Black Consciousness Removed

What I found, was that since the state funded the school, all traces of black books and deep-centered conscious content have been removed from the campus. There was a period when we could walk into the book Store and get books like Before the May Flower, Message to a Black Man, Toni Morrison, Zora Neale Hurston, and They Came Before Columbus. So, I asked the staff, where were the black owned book stores in the city? They really couldn’t name one. He gave me what he thought was an African clothing store that sold books. But it may not have what I was looking for. The whole purpose of going to a black college is to be educated, and, to be educated about your culture.
Dr. Claud Anderson said “white committees controls what books go into black colleges. They will not allow my books on the campuses.” Go Figure.
When we were in school in the 90s, you saw all that I speak of, back then, because there was no State influence. We had two white students on the campus and they were the minority. They were going to school for free. We did’t sweat it! Now, its plenty of diversity on the campus, Europeans and the like, and as a result, the connection to the black diaspora, African culture, Greek life, black historical books, and self-identity, seems to be lost or fading slowly.

New Generations Attending Black Colleges

These new students on black college campuses don’t even know, that by taking money from the State, comes with a price and the price may be the dismantling or the removal of your culture on black college campuses. Black Public Colleges all across the country are slowly being overrun by the vampires. The money is beautifying the campuses, but the bright light that enters the brains of these young brilliant black minds is being cut off so that they stay to sleep.
When I saw the digital billboard with a young Becky on the front of it and the ASU logo advertising diversity, I knew the game was over for this historically black college. Also, there was a group of middle school kids mostly white on a tour through the campus. I asked the young light-skinned black male “what grade are you in” he said “8th grade.” Again, I just shook my head cause I can see the game being over before it’s started.
In ten more years, you won’t even know Alabama State University used to be a black college.
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