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Cardi B Forces Tasha K to Remove Old Videos

Cardi B Forces Tasha K to Remove Old Videos

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Tasha K Cardi B

Cardi B and Atlanta blogger, Tasha K, have been in a court battle over defamation of character. Cardi B sued Tasha for 4 million dollars alleging that Tasha was spreading lies. Tasha claimed that the rapper was a former prostitute and had STDs. The judge awarded Cardi 4 million dollars in the lawsuit.

If Tasha wins her appeal she may be able to get keep those videos online  – TMZ 

The drama doesn’t stop there. Cardi B got a court order to have Tasha take down all older videos of the rapper, according to Vladtv.com. Tasha has been standing her ground, but it’s a losing battle. Tasha said, “I ain’t got it,” regarding owing Cardi B four million dollars. An appeal was filed on behalf of Tasha K, but it’s looking like Cardi B’s Money and The Power are starting to wear her down. 

The judge, in this case, gave Tasha K five days to remove a boatload of negative videos about the rapper. But with an appeal on the books things could swing in Tasha’s favor.


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