SEO’s Role In The Urban Market

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What is SEO, you ask? Search Engine Optimization is an industry term for getting websites to rank on Google. Many website owners hire SEO experts to help get their websites on the first, second, or third page of Google. These experts use tactics like keyword research, article marketing, link baiting, social book marketing, and other strategies to help boost their site’s credibility.

SEO’s Role In The Urban Market

I too have hired a Search Engine Optimization Expert to help my site rank. But, what I  noticed is that most of the SEO experts were from India, and they didn’t know my culture. So, my website even though they went through and did keyword research and all the like, didn’t rank well. Search Engine Marketing in the urban marketplace is dismissal, in my opinion. The fact that you can hire a non ethnic expert your site still is doomed for failure.  All the tactics and strategies to get you to the number one spot strictly through SEO seems to be slimmed.

The Urban Market is not getting the attention it needs from Google, and other search engines, to push urban websites out in front. Many people are not seeing any traffic. I truly believe, that there is a bias in how Google views most urban websites.  You really have to create your following through other means before Google, Bing, MSN, and Yahoo reward you with serious traffic. When I tell you I have hired a few SEO experts and none have really hit a home run, I mean it.

Urban Websites Aren’t Seeing The Numbers

Urban America’s content is not seeing the huge numbers it should through SEO. SEO’s Role should be to really push black content to higher heights. Especially, when someone like myself has over four hundred blog posts and several hundred keywords. Sites like Blacknews.com, Goodnews.com, and All About Laughs have very huge followings but I don’t believe that came from SEO marketing itself. They used a series of social media marketing and leveraging to grow their large fan bases outside of Google.


SEO’s Role in the urban market needs a deep dive. There is a lot of good content that is not ranking on Google. I want to say that the algorithms have their own biases on how they rank urban content. Also, the spiders, that crawl your sites may have a role to play in how content is viewed online by the black community. SEO has its place. But it might be wise to grow your audience first before you hire an SEO expert to increase your traffic.

Non-ethnic SEO experts don’t have their pulse on black culture, so can they really can’t penetrate the market with your content? ijs


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