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Adweek Kerri

ADWEEK Aint Slick Kerri Washington Aint Scarlett Johansson

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If you haven’t seen Kerri Washington’s new front cover picture on Adweek you should. Kerri Washington’s pic looks like they meant to put Scarlett Johansson on the front cover of Adweek if you ask me. Kerry-Washington-Adweek-Cover-Many people are amazed at the photo shopping that went on with Kerri’s face. This picture has many people talking about how the magazine readjusted Kerri’s skin tone and facial features.

Kerri expressed her discontent in peoples magazines “It felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what I look like when I look in the mirror,” she said in a caption for an Instagram post she put up of the cover shot.

I think who ever touched up the photo really was aiming for a celebrity they like. I think Kerri has to many natural African features for a light skinned women. Her nose is a little rounded, she has a big forehead, and high cheek bones,. In my opinion, somebody thought Kerri looked like Scarlet Johansson, and was aiming for a match in looks between the two actresses. Take a look and compare these two pictures and see what you think…









Now in my opinion, somebody thought Kerri Looked Like Scarlett, Scarrlett is a cute chick, but lets be honest why flatten out Kerri’s forehead, and lighten up a person’s skin tone that is already light skinned. I think some of these graphic artist be on some straight bullshit !!!! A lot lot of times folks in these agencies want to pin a person to their favorite celebrity, or really just down play the sexiness that somebody like Kerri has by adjusting their facial features. I don’t see why you need to adjust much of anything with Kerri Washington. Kerri and Scarlett looks very similar when you pay close attention to the facial features from the Adweeks photo and the one I placed on this blog.

You can agree to disagree but hey I’m seeing something else.

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  1. Wow that looks nothing like Kerri Washington. She is such a beautiful woman naturally, why do that? SMH