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Chris Lighty Found Dead Now Let The Conspiracy Begin

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Many in the Hip Hop Community was rocked, when we found out that Violator Managements CEO  Chris Lightly was found dead from an apparent suicide. Chris  management company for some of the biggest artist in the game from LL Cool J, 50 cent, Diddy, and Busta Rhymes and many more. Chris seemed to be a very low key behind the scenes dude who just made sure the business was right. He along with others helped manage 50 cent to a 100 million dollar pay day.

Chris killing himself was a real shock to the hip hop community. Now, the question is asked did he kill himself , or did someone else kill Chris, and what would be the reasoning behind the death of one of the music communities raising executives. I’m sure you can remember last year Shakir Stewart, or Shake as he was known to most committed suicide at his home for no apparent reason or so we think. Shakir was a raising executive in the Def Jam family, and would of had no reason to kill himself he had the money, power, family, and fame . The question is why would Chris want to kill himself when he had the whole world in front of him ? We may never know the answers, but speculations remains about why he died.

The conspiracy theories go around like this inside the music industry, you have to pledge your life to the elite powers that control the industry in order to be allowed to reap the financial rewards that you see many having today. Many folks have reported that you have to commit  certain acts like ” homosexuality, or a blood sacrifice of someone special. So, did Chris and Shakir pledge their allegiance to the powers that be, and when they were asked to perform certain duties or task they refused. In which case, some of the powers that be planned to expose some of the unethical things that these young men had to do to gain fame, but once again this is all speculation.

The conspiracy theories will always hold some truth and some false, but what we do know is we have lost another great young man.

peace and blessing go out to the Lightly family

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