Coi Leray Too Skinny By Whose Standards

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Coi Leray is catching heat from social media for being too skinny. Many people are body shaming her because she is very thin. Ms. Leray is 5’3 inches tall and weighs 121 pounds. She is probably the right height and weight for her height, but Twitter doesn’t think so. In the world of body shamers, she is too thin. Why would people celebrate Lizzo but body shame Coi?

In a world where up is down and down up, things seem to be out of order. Coi Leray is a rapper and songwriter that has been dropping some bangers since 2017. People always seems to have a problem with Ms. Coi and her weight. Twitter has been on fire lately about Ms. Leray’s appearance. People are valuing obese women while  demeaning women they feel may be too skinny. I believe Coi is neither to slim nor skinny. She is just her correct body height and weight.

Cosmo Is Celebrating Obesity

In a recent article by Cosmo magazine,  they showed several obese women who were celebrated for their weight. I think America has lost its mind and we need to look at what’s healthy and what’s not healthy. Coi is just fine and will grow in weight as the year’s progress. After she has that first baby, she will probably feel out more anyway. Cosmo is considered a staple in American society, and celebrating plus-sized women is okay to them, I suppose.

People today are mostly unhealthy by public health standards. We need to reevaluate what is healthy and what is not, in my opinion. Giving obese women a stage to celebrate their obesity like a Lizzo is not okay for the public. Coi Leray may be healthier than the average American and we just don’t know it.

Body shaming someone for being skinny, slim, or fat is a problem. We have to take a second look at what is an  appropriate healthy weight for the average person.


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