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Crazy Ass Photos Can Go A long Way

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If you want to to get people talking then you have to create some noise whether it be good or bad. I started out using these promotional items to Kick Ass in the streets, and separate myself from the pack. Did it work you ask? It worked so damn well that I had the whole city of Atlanta in a love hate relationship wit me.

Imagery is used against us every day whether we know it or not. McDonald’s uses their powerful images to brand their self in your brain to get you to come buy those lousy ass 99 cent hamburgers. Wal-Mart pushes their brand through tv, and commercials to get you into the store to buy groceries.

Imagery is used in the music industry to get you to buy into an album, even before you hear the music. So, marketing 101 lesson is drive home your brand and build and audience by using powerful images.

My Crazy Marketing Images

Cool Water You Better Buy A Gun

Time Magazine

Cool Water Microphone






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