DJ Vlad Culture Vulturing and Black Robinhood

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In this podcast, we talk about DJ Vlad, who recently had a run in with the hip hop community about his statements against Minister Farrakhan. Many people from Lord Jamar, Royce Da 5’9, Rahiem Shabazz, Godfrey and others feel like Vlad should of apologized for misquoting the Minister.

Cool Water breaks down the problem with Vlad, and why black folks are focusing on the wrong end of the stick, as it relates to canceling Vlad and Vlad TV in the hiphop community.

Lord Jamar brought Vlad on his show to discuss the misquote and demanded an apology. But Vlad refused to apologize. After the interview Lord Jamar and Godfrey talked about the situation further. Lord Jamar and others feel like it’s time to cancel Vlad because of his disrespectful nature towards the Minister. White folks have always had something negative to say about the Minister.  Many inside the culture will have to make the choice of focusing on Vlad or building Black America.

Time will only tell what happens with Vlad and the hiphop community …

Listen to “DJ Vlad Culture Vulturing and Black Robinhood” on Spreaker.;

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