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Donald Trump’s Positive Covid Test and Politricks

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I know many of you seen that bullshit ass debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The debate was a complete mess. Two grown men running for president of the United States in a shouting match. The american people couldn’t get enough information to really tell who is the better candidate. Donald Trump has been going coast to coast speaking to his base of followers. Joe Biden not so much.

So, within the last twenty four hours Donald Trump and Melania Trump have test positive for Covid-19. This comes as a shocker sense Trump has not been a real advocate of wearing mask or social distancing. Many of Trump’s staffers and advisers like Hope Hicks have tested positive for the virus.

Trump recently tweeted this after learning of Hope Hicks positive test. Trump tweets that he has now tested positive for Covid-19. This comes on the hills of an ugly debate that many people were disgusted by. Donald Trump and Joe Biden didn’t discuss any real issues.

The tricks of politics have taken its true form in this presidential election. Next thursday will be the vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. I’m sure this will be a little more diplomatic, but the magician will still be at work with these two candidates as well. Trump is losing in the polls and that is a problem for the Republican party. Politics is a game that can only be won in the dirtiest of ways. Trump is showing that he is willing to do whatever it takes to win this election.

Trump told Sean Hannity on Fox News that he  “spent a lot of time” with Hicks during his recent trip to Cleveland, OH for the first presidential debate and Minnesota for his campaign rally. – NEW York Post 

Things will only get uglier as we near the November primary elections. Joe Biden seems to have come away with a slight victory in this first debate. So the question remains will there be another presidential debate now that Donald Trump has caught Covid-19?


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