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Black Children and The Disasters of Virtual Learning

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Black Children and the disasters of virtual learning is a growing epidemic in the public school system.  The virtual

learning that Black Children have been receiving is scary to say the least. For the past few months, many African American children have been trying to learn without any tools or resources. A lot of Black Children don’t have computers or even desk to complete their assignments on. Since the pandemic hit everything has been out of order for most families. But it’s even harder for Back Children, because they are the most deprived and financially challenged of all ethnicities  in America. Financial assistance is always needed for educational success.

Virtual Learning has shown a lot of leaks and gaps in the public school system. Teachers and students both have issues that need fixing. Urban communities all across America have been hit hard by the pandemic. The lack of health care, resources, high unemployment, and the tools necessary to help solve problems in their communities, is what’s killing Urban America. The pandemic is taking its toll on people of color. Black children are caught in the crossfires of this global pandemic with no help in sight.

Teachers Are Seeing Some Real Issues

Teachers who teach virtually are seeing some real issues in the students home life.  Many teachers are seeing things that signify why a lot of black children are not successful in school. Parents are not fully supporting their children’s education. As a result, students are failing more at virtual learning than in class learning. Behavior problems still remain an issue for most teachers. Students are still disrupting classes online. A lot of students just don’t have the discipline and focus for virtual learning, not to mention parental support. No parental support coupled with no computers, desk, paper and pencils, and a host of other things  are leading to a disastrous learning environment.

A Lot of Children Are Going Hungry

Due to schools being shut down a lot of children are going hungry. Many black kids are on free and reduced lunches. Free and reduced lunches are not part of the virtual learning plan. Black Children are starving while class is in session, which hinders online learning. Black Children who receive free and reduced lunch, count on the public school system for their meals. Many kids may only get to eat one or two times a day because their is no food in the house. Kids being at home most of the day alone and learning on an empty stomach is a huge problem. Virtual learning for most kids in this environment is a disaster.


It will take some time before virtual learning can become a staple in society. Online learning and in person learning working cohesively together is still in it’s infant stages. Students of all ages have to have discipline, focus, parental support, and a warm loving environment for these black children to see real success. Parents of these children will have to want more for their children’s education than a babysitting clinic. And the school system is going to have to want more than successful test scores for everyone to succeed.


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